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Your Highness (Prequel)
Published on Sunday, March 20, 2011 by

Dark Horse as fantasy covered from Conan to Guild. Your Highness: Knight and Dazed is somewhere in the middle as a fun loving fantasy romp. This is a prequel to the movie Your Highness written by Danny McBride & Ben Best.

Written: Danny McBride & Jeff Fradley
Letters: Nate Piekos
Cover: Sean Phillips

Pencils: Gabriel Guzman
Inks: Jordi Tarrargona
Colors: Michael Atiyeh

Pencils: Sean Phillips
Inks: Paul Peart-Smith
Colors: Val Staples

Based on the motion picture Your Highness written by McBride and Best and directed by David Gordon Green.

Being unfamiliar with the movie, I know nothing of Prince Fabious’s kidnapped bride and his lazy brother Thadeous, except for what is presented herein. Darkhorse has a history of faithful and acclaimed movie tie-in projects from Robocop to Hellraiser. Since this comic draws from the same writer pool that makes the 2011 movie viable this should be consistent as a prequel to the movie.

Fabious, the knight, has his story presented first in sword swinging action. Fun fantasy characters types are presented in colorful choices. The first wise wizard sought for counsel around a pipe is a blueish humanoid. Entrail dropping action ensues. Fabious takes Knights to arms!

Thadeous’ back story is told as a separate piece. The art team changes and so does the tone of the fantasy book. This is an odd fantasy romp with singing dribblings and peacock feather suits, “aye phoon thee a lam doo tee, a lam doo tee, aye ree ree a pham pee pee.” Pipes and beautiful women make this a piece worthy of the Canterbury Tales. While I am not familiar with many of the professional artists on this project, Val Staples does interesting coloring work on the second tale in this set, but not the coloring that I have come to expect from his earlier work on Masters of the Universe. Although the work is solid and fits well with the artists style on the second tale.

Dark Horse has a wide variety of fantasy books from Guild, Mogworld, Helm, Axe Cop, to Kull, Solomon Kane, and Conan. Your Highness: Knight and Dazed has a little of both fantasy and spoof wrapped up in pre-movie fun.

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