The GeeksverseC2E2: DC Nation Panel

C2E2: DC Nation Panel
Published on Monday, March 21, 2011 by

DC had a panel at the recent C2E2 covering all of DC Nation including Flashpoint.

-Booster Gold will be the only ongoing title that ties directly into Flashpoint.

-They have canceled several “on the cusp” titles to allow more focus on what will be coming out of the event.

-Flashpoing will not spill into other ongoings, besides Booster Gold, and that you don’t have to read all the tie-ins.

-Gail Simone has written a ‘Birds of Prey’ episode of Brave and the Bold.

-Dan DiDio said that ‘Adventure Comics’ will become a ‘Showcase’ style series.

-DiDio said there are plans for Arsenal and the Titans team and said that it’s holding together but not as well as they had hoped.

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