The GeeksverseDark Snake Eyes in #164-Advanced Review G.I. Joe ARAH

Dark Snake Eyes in #164-Advanced Review G.I. Joe ARAH
Published on Monday, March 21, 2011 by

Larry Hama has been teasing a Dark Snake Eyes over the past several issues of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. The A cover makes it appear that Snake Eyes may finally do something evil–besides attacking mannequins.

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S. L. Gallant
Inker: Gary Erskine
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editor Carols Guzman

Cover A (Storm Shadow & Snake Eyes) Herb Trimpe & Andrew Crossley
CoverB (Mind Bender) Rod Whigham & Andrew Crossly
Cover C (Sketch) Larray Hama

#164 picks up where 163 leaves off in a basement of the wax museum in Broca Beach, NJ. Broca Beach is essentially the new Springfield, a coastal town that Hama’s 90s Cobra bought as a base.

Underneath the wax museum Snake Eyes is back int he brain wave scanner. Snake Eyes was snatched several issues ago and reprogrammed via brain wave scanner to work for Cobra (at about the same time Storm Shadow broke the control and joined the Joes). Last issue Snake Eyes started scanning himself which is as concerning as Billy liking being scanned. Dr. Venom’s fail safe in the brain wave scanner seems to be reeking havoc!

In a reversal of ninjas Storm Shadow has left the Joes, which he joined recently, to liberate his sword brother. The new friendly white ninja wants to free Snake Eyes. Presumably, this should set up the reverse role fight that the cover sells.

Meanwhile the Dreadnoks show up on their motorcycles. One would expect the ‘noks on their motorcycles as part of the diversion needed by Cobra in this issue. “Mount up, Dreadnoks… and ride!” It is disappointing that they have not put the new Thunder Machine into service. The ‘noks were working on it two issues back.

This issue does provide the ninja fight that the cover promises. I’m getting tired of dueling ninjas. Having the ninjas switch sides does little to change the never-ending duel between these two characters. At least the ninjas are in this book and not just on the cover. Coincidentally, the B cover also relates to the action in the book. This is a good cover issue.

Baroness’ plan may be a little high tech craziness but in a comic that has brain wave scanners who is going to draw that line? Tech, ninjas, terrorists, and military in crazy uniforms just makes G.I. Joe fun. Cellphones and Broca Bros. Circus trucks make this comic a nice blend of the old and the new. Hama’s creation is completely manifest from the 80s to the modern era.

Funniest line in the entire comic: Duke says, “H’s a ninja is NOT a satisfactory explanation for how Storm Shadow escaped from a detention cell more secure than most bank vaults…”

If you don’t buy the line, “they’re ninjas” to fix every story hole this issue is not for you. The ending of this issue feels rushed to fix characterization which has been changing in the past few issues. It was a bit of a let down. It was inevitable but it didn’t have to happen as quickly since these events have been building for a while.

Take a peek at this preview. Discuss on the Pryde Forum your expectations for this Hama book.

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