The GeeksverseLorna, Relic Wrangler – Advanced Review

Lorna, Relic Wrangler – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, March 21, 2011 by

Written by: Micah S. Harris
Art by: Loston Wallace; Michael Youngblood & Olli Hihnala
Cover Art: A- Darwyn Cooke; B- Dean Yeagle

This comic has three stories, each about Lorna. One is a present tale and the others are about Young Lorna. This comic is also a good example of “quitting well you’re ahead”.

The first story by Harris and Loston Wallace is great. It’s fun. It’s flighty. Lorna is a fun character. There’s some gratitious cheesecake and some perverted old men. But it’s all in fun. It’s wild and weird and strange. But a good strange.

It comes across as if Archie’s Riverdale met Buffy’s Sunnydale. The style isn’t quite like Archie’s books, but it reminds me of that. The tone is like Buffy. There’s some campiness to the whole thing.

The mission that Lorna is sent is silly but there’s a bit of truth to it as well. There’s plenty of stories about the mysteries of Washington DC, so this one makes sense. There’s just that odd little crazy bit to it all.

Posh Meow, Lorna’s British counterpart, and her old high school rival, is as over the top as Lorna is.

I’d like to see more of Lorna’s adventures as long as it’s done like the first story.

The second and third stories start bordering on the creepy. And not the good kind of creepy.

The gratitious sexual aspects of the story are ramped up. So what was a source of humor in the first story is kind of a source of cringing in the second and third.

The adventures also go beyond the first, which had a fun aspect to it, and go into the creepiness. There’s a mix of teenage drama with supernatural but it doesn’t come through the creepiness. Lorna helping a girl that is a stimata come out of her shell doesn’t come out as funny and the third tale is just wrong on a couple of levels.

If we could forget the second and third stories, this would be a great little one-shot and I’d look forward to more.

Lorna, Relic Wrangler receives
3.5 out of 5

Lose the other stories, keep the first, and this moves up to a 4.5

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