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Stephen King Writing Walking Dead
Published on Monday, March 21, 2011 by

EW reports that Stephen King may pen AMC’s Walking Dead.

AMC’s Walking Dead is based on the Robert Kirkman comic by the same name. Last season Walking Dead found a new audience on AMC. The show added to the already successful fan base of comic readers to move the show into the mind of mainstream America. Kirkman was involved but TV writers were hired to write the script. Early episodes loosely followed the comic source material, although Kirkman said all along this was not completely a way to put only the comic on screen and that new stories would be developed. The end of the first season deviated drastically from the comics by having the survivors find out a possible reason for the plague–information that is still absent in the comic after all of these years, because you cannot trust a scientist with a rat tail.

As the short run AMC season was concluding rumors came out that the entire writing staff had been fired. Kirkman has only commented that next season will be better than ever in the letters page of the Walking Dead on going series.

Now an iconic horror novelist is being discussed as being on staff for the second season. King was a former columnist for EW and told them that he is in talks to write an episode of the popular zombie series. Walking Dead executive producer, Frank Darabont, has directed three films based King’s work in the past which could explain why the horror novelist is in negotiations to write an episode for the show.

King’s connection to Darabont could be what has created the opportunity for the season writer to pen an episode. Although, Kirkman’s respect for other writers and creators could also be a reason. Kirkman’s zombie fest comic has been described as a Romero film that does not end. Bringing King on board could be another way to pay homage to the writers that Kirkman read as a young boy.

This pairing could also be a ratings grab to capitalize from the success of King, although the AMC’s show had fantastic first season ratings.

EW also joins other sources to report that season 2, whoever is writing it, will be even gorier than season 1. Filming on the gorier second season will begin in May. The subject of the show makes it hard to maintain a light frivolity while taking base ball bats to the brains of loved ones. Gore is an important aspect of the show. Fans old and new were delighted by the splatter of the first season, which was proved by the viewership numbers week to week.

Just over 6 million people tuned in for the Dec. 5 season finale of Dead, making it the most-watched episode of the season. (An additional 2.1 million viewers took in the show during its 11 p.m and 1 a.m. encore airings.) With an average of 3.5 million viewers over its six-episode season aged 18 to 49, the zombie series is now the most watched drama series in basic cable history in the ad-favored demo.

Fans should rush out and buy the DVD for this show which Kirkman tells EW:

There’s a lot of cool behind-the-scenes footage, we had a great guy on set every minute of every day to catch a lot of candid footage and it’s put into bunch of documentaries. Plus, of course, we have the six episodes.

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