The GeeksverseFF #1

FF #1
Published on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 by

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Penciled by: Steve Epting
Inked by: Rick Magyar, Mike Perkins & Steve Epting
Colored by: Paul Mounts
Lettered by: VC's Rus Wooton
Cover Art: A- Steve Epting; B- Daniel Acuna; C- Marko Djurdjevic; D- Gerald Patel; E- Stan Goldberg; F- Joe Sinnott w/ Val Staples
Associate Editor: Lauren Sankovitch
Editor: Tom Brevoort

Hickman goes out of his way to show that this is not the Fantastic Four. This is the Future Foundation, The First Family, whichever one you want. They have new costumes, the 4 logo is no longer around. It’s a new start. But the ghosts of the past still linger.

Johnny Storm’s death hangs over everything in this story, as it should. Ben isn’t his normal jovially self. Susan makes a comment about how she’s thankful they’ve been so busy, helping keep their minds off things.

Various subplots that Hickman laid out in his FF run are now starting to appear. Nathanial Richards is in their time and living at the Baxter Building, Susan is in charge of Old Atlantis. Apparently Johnny wanted Spider-Man to take his spot on the team.

Spider-Man is a natural pick. The FF know his identity, know how smart Peter Parker is. It fits that he be on this team.

The story covers alot of ground, doing a couple of different things along the way. It sets up the new status quo, and it sets up many new storylines, including the addition of Doctor Doom to the club.

There are a couple of scenes that really stand out, showing that this comic operates in a different realm then others. The first is how Reed just casually mentions terraforming the moon and no one seems shocked at the scope of the idea. The second is Alex Power’s version of grace. It serves to show that these people all came from different backgrounds and origins, but are there for the same goal.

It doesn’t work as a new number one, but then this is a traditional new number one. It really is a continuation of Hickman’s Fantastic Four. The new name and costumes are to show that this is new ground, that the Fantastic Four is the past, but it’s assumed that anyone picking this book up will know what is going on.

I’ve always been a huge Epting fan. And he doesn’t disappoint. There are no real major “wow” moments in this issue. Nothing for him to really stretch his drawing muscles on. But it’s good and solid work. His Spider-Man is a bit stiff though, but that will hopefully change. There is something nice about the way he draws the Invisible Woman.

I like the new costume designs. The black and white is really striking.

FF #1 receives
4 out of 5

Not really a new series, but a new start for the first family.

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