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C2E2: Fear Itself Panel
Published on Thursday, March 24, 2011 by

At the recently concluded C2E2 convention, Marvel held a panel spotlighting the Fear Itself mini-series as well as the tie-in books.

-The story of Fear Itself is that the Red Skull finds out that Odin is not the All-Father and causes the Skull to resurrect an ancient deity, The Serpent.

-The Thor ongoing will not tie-in with Fear Itself but the new Journey Into Mystery title will.

-Avengers #13 ties into the event and features a roster change described by Bendis as “”This is the biggest roster change since I came onto the book.”

-The new Alpha Flight series by Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak will tie into the event.

-Cullen Bunn will write Fear Itself: The Deep featuring Namor, Dr. Strange and other heroes.

-Matt Fraction said the Avengers will be the team most affected and Captain America and Thor the characters most affected.

-Bendis said that after the event will come the search for the next sorceror supreme and that Doctor Voodoo’s ghost brother is very pissed off and can mess up the team.

-Bendis confirmed that both Avengers and New Avengers will have severe roster changes.

-Nick Spencer is only on board Secret Avengers for issue #12.1 and the Fear Itself tie-in issues.

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