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Mass Effect: Evolution #3
Published on Friday, March 25, 2011 by

Written by: Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller
Art by: Omar Francia w/ Manuel Silva
Colored by: Michael Atiyeh
Lettered by: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: A- Massimo Carnevale; B- Joe Quinones
Assistant Editor: Brendan Wright
Editor: Dave Marshall

This is the first issue where it feels like my lack of Mass Effect knowledge really left me loss with the story. The prior issues were easy for a new reader, one that doesn’t know anything about Mass Effect, to get into and follow. This one though was a bit tougher.

The basics are still easy to follow. Desolas needs the artifact to create a super army. He’s upset with humans for just showing up and becoming an equal to the other races. Jack Harper has some connection to the artifact, so Desolas needs him.

It’s the details that get more difficult to follow. When Desolas goes on about the Turian religion I start to get a little lost. This is where someone that is a Mass Effect fan would be able to better enjoy this story.

It’s a shame, because this third issue is the most important to the story. It’s all laid out here. Desolas plot, who the robed people are, what happened to Harper and Ben. But without the “insider” knowledge, it doesn’t carry the same weight. So it’s a shame this issue isn’t as new reader friendly.

Overall it’s a good story. It works as a great third issue. Most of the knowledge is laid out, leaving the next issue for the inevitable fight and conclusion, with some more mysteries to be revealed and/or started. Miller’s script is strong.

The art is decent as well. The odd layouts are cut back, which works better for a more “talking heads” story. Francia is able to make each page visually entertaining in a story where not much happens.

Mass Effect: Evolution #3 receives
4 out of 5

It’s a solid issue but would be better with insider knowledge of Mass Effect.

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