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Smart Bullets #1
Published on Sunday, March 27, 2011 by

Published by: High Tower Comics
Created/Written/Edited by: John G. Narcomey Jr.
Illustrated by: Jacob Crippen
Cover by: Jacob Crippen

The solicit info says something about a scientist will start a new arms race.

Well we see the scientist, and we see that people are after her, but thats all we see. We don’t know why. We don’t know who.

She’s riding in a mustang with a cowboy that can kick some ass. We then meet a woman, somewhere, that is attacked by a ninja. No clue who she is, why the ninja attacked, where she is, or anything about her.

We then meet an old man with a jailbait girlfriend who is blackmailed, by the kidnappind of said girlfriend, to get the scientist. He’s forced to do this by who knows, they have this big and strong guy, and seem somewhat skilled themselves, so why do they need an old thief? What is the point of having a thief kidnap someone?

We have three people that apparently will be connected but we don’t know why. It’s not a good first issue. There’s nothing to tie it all together. Why are they after this scientist? How did she wind up with the cowboy? Who is the girl in the middle part of the story? Why is someone trying to kill her?

Too much going on and not enough explanation. The bones are there to make something extremely interesting. Once it’s tied together, this has the potential to be very good.

Narcomey’s script is good. The banter between characters is well done. What we get from the characters, for personalities, seems interesting. It’s just the pacing of the first issue that is off. The rest of the package seems to be there. This has potential.

Crippen’s art is great, for the most part. His black and white pages are great to look at. His figures are well done, well rendered, and very detailed. His women are beautiful.

The problem is in the storytelling. The panels don’t flow smoothly. Each page is a joy to look at. The linework is amazing. It’s just the panel work has issues with flow. Some of the camera angles don’t work moving from one panel to another. It creates a jarring effect.

Each page on it’s own is great. Put together the package has issues.

Smart Bullets #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

I graded a bit higher because the potential is there to have one helluva a noir-y ride. I’ll give the second issue a try. But Crippens linework is great to look at, here’s hoping he gets the storytelling issues fixed.

Learn more about High Tower Comics at therr website

Smart Bullets #1, and later issues, is available at Drive Thru Comics

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