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The Edge #1
Published on Sunday, March 27, 2011 by

Published by: Ronin Studios
Created/Written by: Marvin Wynn
Art by: Vuycan Kiat
Lettered by: Jaymes Reed
Colors by: Goran Kostadinoski
Cover by: Vuycan Kiat

It’s hard to get a handle on what this book is about. The tag line reads “the infection spreads” but there’s nothing in the story about an infection or anything that could possibly be thought of as spreadable.

It opens at a secret facility in the Rockys that has weather like in the Arctic Circle. The guy in charge, and the head scientist, talk about if they have heard from someone named Revenant. So they know him, and he seems to be working for them. But he shows up just as that comment is made and they are surprised, and he had to break in. That doesn’t make any sense. It comes across as he’s a superhuman they made and now he’s angry at them.

Cut to a couple years later and the head guy, Tartabull, is in charge of a team of super humans. They don’t come across as very well trained, or even skilled. And when they are sent to stop Revenant, it goes badly.

The story seems to try to hint at larger dealings, with Revenant and the mark on the terrorist’s chest. It seems to hint at a higher religious or supernatural meaning/cause/something looming. But there are no hints given besides the mark and a couple comments from Revenant.

It’s fairly weak in that regard. It’s hard to follow, doesn’t flow well.

The art is alright. It’s not the greatest in the word by any means. It’s passable. It feels like the work of someone just starting out as an artist. There’s some stuff to build off of. The storytelling needs some help as there are some jarring jumps in action and the panels don’t flow smoothly.

The Edge #1 receives
2.5 out of 5

Fairly generic characters, story and art.

Find out more about Ronin Studios at their website.

The Edge came out in 2009 and there looks to be better stuff from Ronin that might be worth checking out.

The Edge #1 is available for free from Drive-Thru Comics. The Edge #2-4 is also available.

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