The GeeksverseButcher Baker #1 – Advanced Review

Butcher Baker #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, March 28, 2011 by

Written by: Joe Casey
Art & Colors by: Mike Huddleston
Letters: Rus Wooten
Cover Art: Mike Huddleston

I’m not quite sure how to think about this comic. I think Casey is trying for a deeper meaning/story of what it means to be a symbolic super hero, or some kind of statement on super heroes themselves.

But it’s lost in the craziness.

Penis shaped doorknobs. An oversized truck painted in flag colors. An assignment to blow up a super prison. And alot of naked women.

I’m not sure why the government had to hire Butcher Baker to blow up the super-villian prison. It’s not like it took any special skills or he had to go one-on-one with any of the inmates. Just placed some bombs, hit the button, and boom. Something any special ops could have done or anyone for that matter.

Nice bit using Dick Cheney and Jay Leno, or their likenesses, as the government stooges. Using them makes it seem like Casey is throwing a political message out there. But if there was one, I didn’t see it.

So it’s hard to tell what to make of this. There are some good moments. And if it’s supposed to be some statement on super heroes, or specifically symbolic ones, then the message/statement needs to be clearer. Maybe less naked women in the future? They are a distraction.

Butcher Baker’s “Jack Burton” moment in the truck was nice, which reinforces the statement theory. Not sure what the point of the police chase was, or will be. There seems to be things that Casey wanted to say with this book, but the end result is unsatisfying. There’s no message, covert or overt, and there just seems to be alot of wasted pages. The “mission” doesn’t make any sense, why now and why him.

So there doesn’t seem to be any reason for this book’s existence.

I’m willing to give it a couple more shots, to see if there is a direction and purpose to this book, but as of right now I’d be a little disappointed spending money on it.

Huddleston’s art is nice. The colors he chose are a bit odd and a bit all over the place. The best colored sequance was the car chase with the black and white art except for the truck and the police bubble. But the rest of it is an odd mix. The last page almost looks painted and stands out oddly from the rest of the book.

His linework is cool. I like the style and the manic energy to the pages. But the colors are odd.

Butcher Baker #1 receives
2.5 out of 5

With all the hype this book received with the teasers it should have been a masterpiece. Sadly it was not.

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