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Kick-Ass 2 #2
Published on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 by

Written by: Mark Millar
Breakdowns by: John Romita Jr.
Finishes and Ink Washes by: Tom Palmer
Colors: Dean White
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Art: John Romita Jr w/ Tom Palmer & Dean White
Editors: Aubrey Sitterson & Cory Levine

This issue took awhile to get here but it’s here now and I’m not sure if it was worth it.

Kick-Ass is asked to join a real “world” super hero team. They’re basically people that have lost someone, or guy’s like Kick-Ass that get a thrill from it, that want to fight crime. They dress up in hand made costumes an swing baseball bats around.

The violence level is raised up a couple of notches and I don’t think it needed to be. It detracts and distracts from the story. Can already tell that the two old mafia guys will end up being up to no good. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they are on the up and up.

Something about the way Dave’s father is handling Dave’s problems feels wrong. It’s almost like Millar said “we need to have the father pry his noise into it, but not so much that we actually have to make it work”. I almost think the father is on drugs from the way he acts.

Dave running into a friend of his that is also doing what he does is pretty interesting. Can see some stories coming out of that. I hope there comes a conflict where Dave has to choose between his real life friends and his super hero friends. Won’t his existing friends get jealous if he spends all his time with Battle-Guy?

There’s not much that happens in this issue, but in a way there is a lot. Dave meeting others like him is big, and can feel the borderline crazy just oozing off of them all. Most of the issue is a fight scene that has the super heroes beating gangsters up with baseball bats. The element of surprise is crucial to their success.

Alot of larger panels means there’s less story. Did we really need to have a two page spread of a dog biting someone in the balls? I don’t mind violence in my comic books, but I do mind when it overpowers the story and is needless.

Jr Jr’s art is softer. I don’t mean what he draws, there’s alot of violence in this issue. What I mean is that the hard edge he usually has to his linework is missing. It’s almost not recognizable as his. I suppose thats where the finishes by Palmer come in. Palmer gives the work a softer and better edge. The hardness and squareness of Romita Jr’s work has always been what has turned me off from his stuff. I like the influence that Palmer brings to it.

Kick-Ass 2 #2 receives
2.5 out of 5

Barely any story and needless violence don’t make for a good book.

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