The GeeksverseWalking Dead #83

Walking Dead #83
Published on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 by

Romance and zombies in the ongoing Kirkman psychological comic. Michonne is still dealing with her relationship with Morgan, who has been injured and hallucinating in the last issue. Meanwhile, Rick is a one armed man with a hatchet protecting his new family unit. After the death of Lori and his newborn daughter, Rick has had trouble relating to the other survivors, yet inside of the community he has finally found the companionship he needs with the wife of a man he helped kill. Classic zombie survival soap opera comic.

Last issue Rick decided that he’d take the new family unit and leave the community. When questioned about the kids he’d be leaving behind, Rick chillingly answered, “They’re not my kids.” In this issue we see who he’ll leave behind to save himself and Carl.

Having read he last 83 issues I have begun to doubt that this fun comic could truly shock me. This issue has a two issue spread which made me scream out loud. Something that I didn’t think would happen takes place in a shocking two page spread.

No Way Out part four
Writer Robert Kirkman
Art Charlie Adlard
Tone Cliff Rathburn
Letters Russ Wooten

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