The GeeksverseThor #621

Thor #621
Published on Thursday, March 31, 2011 by

Written by: Matt Fraction
Art by: Pascaul Ferry w/ Salvador Larroca
Colors: Hollingsworth & Arreola
Letters: Workman
Cover Art: Ferry & Hollingsworth
Assistant Editor: Beckerman
Editor: Macchio

There is something epic feeling about the Fraction/Ferry run, short that it was. It’s got a song quality to it, like someone was telling a story over a campfire or in a mead hall.

I really enjoyed it. It’s a shame it’s ending. I’m not sure, and I can hazard a guess from the solicitations from the new Mighty Thor, that the tone will change and it’ll become more super-hero-y. But this run was what a story about viking gods should be like: a world destroying threat, a last stand, a large fight, death and heroic actions.

And the ending is bittersweet. It’s the way Asgardians would want to spend eternity.

But it’s hard to understand. Is the world tree destroyed? How did that trap the World Eaters? I’m not sure if I follow what Fraction did. Where are the World Eaters trapped? What does this mean about the hole where Asgard was?

The art by Ferry is spectacular. It’s definately epic in feel and excitement. The panels just explode off the page. The colors give it a wash that threatens to overwrite the art but instead it just helps accent what is being shown.

Thor #621 receives
4 out of 5

An epic finish to the epic run of Fraction/Ferry.

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