The GeeksverseR.P.M. #4

R.P.M. #4
Published on Saturday, April 2, 2011 by

Written by: Mick Foley & Shane Riches
Art by: Jose Holder
Colors: Michael Wiggam
Cover Art: Brian Stelfreeze
Editor: Keven Gardner

The story created by wrestler Mick Foley and Shane Riches comes to an end. At least the first chapter. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Revere Windsor. He’s got some interesting abilities and is a decent character to build an ongoing around. His job would certainly lend itself to more stories.

This one wraps up nicely with a couple of twists and turns that keep it interesting. Revere finds a way to come out on top over everyone, get the job he was hired for done, gets the government off his back and even gets the girl. The twists and turns make sense and none come out of left field.

There are a couple of scenes that don’t make sense though. When he throws the helmet at the semi truck and when he gives the bird to a guy in a car. What was the purpose of those? Was the semi chasing him? Was the guy in the car one of the guards?

The art is pretty messy in this issue. The lines aren’t crisp or tight. Some of the action is hard to follow. Holder’s work in the previous issues was good and he has potential, but this comes across as rushed.

R.P.M. #4 receives
4 out of 5

Messy art but the story is strong enough to push it to a high grade.

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