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Lady Fight #1
Published on Sunday, April 3, 2011 by

Published by: Earthbound Comics
Project Manager: Ben Ferrari
Production Manager: Matthew Grant
Cover by: Cedric Nocon w/ Steve Oliff

Lady Fight is an anthology featuring strong female characters. The stories are in black and white. Each story is really an introductory piece to the character or situation.

Story/Art by Ben Ferrari
Lettered by: Matthew Grant

Souverain is about a US soldier who prowls the streets of Baghdad at night. She stops looters, suicide bombers, helps out people in distress. She feels she owes it to the people of Baghdad because of what the US soldiers have done.

Political nature aside, this story has some fundamental problems. How is she able to avoid all the patrols at night? How did she, and she alone, discover tunnels that the US soldiers don’t know about? How is she able to sneak on/off base? Talk about lax security. Also, what is her role as a soldier? I didn’t think woman were serving on the front lines yet?

The art is decent. Heavily shadowed. The size of the gun varies from panel to panel. Decent layouts and storytelling.

Shots Fired
Story by: Buck Weiss
Art & Letters by: Ben Ferrari

This story is about an unnamed female cop in a small town. She goes to a domestic disturbance call and has to take out the husband and stop the wife from trying to shoot her. It’s a decent little story that shows how warped abuse victims can be, wanting it to stop but at the same time afraid to lose the person doing the abuse.

The problem with this story is the officer THROWING away her gun and engaging the husband in a fight. No cop in their right mind would do such a thing.

The art is decent. Less shadowed then the work Ferarri did in Souverain, which makes it stronger and clearer.

Written by: Mattue Roth
Penciled by: Ben Ferrari
Inked by: Matthew Grant
Lettered by: Bernie Lee

This is the funnest story of the four. It’s about Cacta, a new super hero. She apparently just got her powers, which basically make her a living cactus, and she sets out to fight crime in her small time in Pennsylvania. Bit odd that she’d call herself Cacta in Pennsylvania but… The crime involves stopping some bullies from beating up another student. She’s a student herself.

The art is hit or miss as the ages of the kids are hard to determine. At first they look young, then older, finally settling somewhere around Sophomore or Freshman looking.

Explosion Proof
Art/Story/Letters by: Matthew Grant

This is the weakest of the four stories. Apparently EP is a uhm.. well, not sure what she is. Apparently she’s hired to retrieve a “data cube” and usually blows things up as part of her assignments. But now she’s hoping she doesn’t have to as she can save money. But she still ends up doing it because some “other agency” is on to her.

Most of the story is her beating up some stooge to get the cube. Nothing really “strong female” here.

The art is the weakest as well. The characters facial features change from panel to panel and the storytelling isn’t as strong.

Overall there isn’t really anything in this issue that screams “strong female characters”. The stories have some fundamental issues but are decent enough. It’s not going to stand out as a “pro-female characters” book.

Lady Fight #1 receives
3 out of 5

Decent but nothing all that attention grabbing.

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