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Pinpoint #1
Published on Sunday, April 3, 2011 by

Published by: Big Dog Ink
Story by: Alred Paige
Written by: Philipp Morgan
Penciled by: Edson Alves
Inked by: Julien Hugonnard-Bert & Greg Harms
Colors by: Lula Borges
Lettered by: Bernie Lee

This is a pretty generic comic. Generic hero, generic script, generic art.

Pinpoint is James Washington, a former soldier now working secretly for the government as a black ops agent. He uses the name Pinpoint. And besides a surly attitude, there is nothing that makes him stand out.

The story is pretty standard. Go and rescue another operative, who just happens to be someone you know from your past. The setting is the only thing different. Eden Island emits radiation so people that stay there end up dying.

Now the confusing part is that the workers in the late 70s that tried to build a resort, were only there weeks and died. But when Pinpoint gets to the island there are people living there. How? That doesn’t make any sense. Pinpoint has to take a shot everyday or else he’ll start to suffer harm from the radiation. Yet there are kids and adults living on the island?

Major hole in the story.

The art is decent. Good proportions on the figures. Okay layouts. It’s typical for what I’d expect in a fill-in issue, not the main artist. Odd that the soldiers are shown in full “battle rattle” but Melina is not.

Pinpoint #1 receives
2 out of 5

Generic all the way around. There’s nothing that makes it stand out and makes me want to read #2.

For more on Big Dog Ink, visit their website.

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