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Reasonably Priced Comics #2
Published on Sunday, April 3, 2011 by

The second installment of the RP Comics anthology is available on 4-6-11. This installment has stories by Brandon Barrows, Alex De-Gruchy, and Michael Nichols.

Behind the Ionic cover are three stories in this anthology. Ionic provides the art for the first story, a continuation of the sci-fi Voyaga. This black and white installment of rockets and adventurers shows the main character exploring a new world. The off-world adventurer does well surviving the wild and animals, but can he survive the natives.

The second story is another space tale, this time with heavy black lines and odd heads on humanoids. Set in the Starlight Lounge, a wonderful place to meet beings from across the galaxy, is “My Way” with artwork by Robert Durham and lettering by Brittany Lynn.

The third story is a nearly unlettered story which goes about a vets daily routine. Story by M.E. Nichols with art by Joshua Calloway.

RP Comics has set out to bring a quality product at the lowest price point possible. Availble from online retailers like DriveThruComics, this installment does what it set out to do. This set of creators may not be completely seasoned industry vets but they do each have their own resumes and experiences from online comics to other small presses. Good comic for $2.50. This is a fun read.

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