The GeeksverseGreen Wake #1 – Advanced Review

Green Wake #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, April 4, 2011 by

Written by: Kurtis Wiebe
Art by: Riley Rossmo

I want to like this.

It’s got a nice feel to it. A nice “Lost” kind of feel. Green Wake is this mysterious town where lost souls go and people just show up. Except this new arrival isn’t as random. He’s got a connection to a woman who just commited a murder. And that sets us off through the strangeness that is Green Wake.

The art is atmospheric, setting the moody tone. Rossmo adjusts his style slightly, giving the book a unique look.

The book’s concept is interesting. The script is pretty strong except that it seems to jump at a couple of points. Like there’s a gap in the telling of the story and it comes across as missing vital information. Or at least it seems like we’re missing pieces. And it’s not “solving the mystery” kind of pieces, just narrative pieces that would help the flow of the first issue.

Thats why I want to like this book but have some issues with doing so.

Part of the problem is how readily Carl excepts what is going on. He wakes up in this very strange place, with people that resemble walking frogs, and he’s immediately told that his ex-fiance murdered someone. And he hasn’t seen his ex-fiance in three months.

This aspect reminds me of my biggest issue with Morning Glories. The characters are too readily accepting of what is happening. Why isn’t Carl freaking out? Why is he accepting this all so calmly?

The world of Green Wake looks visually interesting. And it’s conceptually interesting and I want to learn more, but the first issue has some pacing issues that get in the way.

Green Wake #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

There’s alot that could be liked about this story but there’s some blocks that get in the way.

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