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Hack/Slash, Mercy Sparx, A Slice of Hell
Published on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 by

Devil Dealer finally dealt out my Hack/Slash Mercy Sparx crossover. Seeley and Blaylock seemingly had this crossover complete before DDP hit the sale block and Arcana took over the titles. This one shot, which earlier had been described as a two issue miniseries, showcases two female leads the ever popular Hack Slash and the nearly unknown Mercy Sparx.

Cassie Hack gets around and cross overs into nearly every comic out there. This is another in a long line of team ups. It works as they usually do. Cassie shows up and attacks someone only to later begin working with them. Cassie is in town looking for slashers. She hunts freaky killers. When she bumps into a pile of dead bodies and a bright red devil girl Cassie and Vlad attack without much investigation.

Mercy Sparx, the tattooed red devil girl, is still on her mission to track down wayward angels. She had a miniseries and the beginning of another at DDP before disappearing. This team up seems to take place after the second miniseries, one that was never published.

Joe Song (pencils) and Ben Ellebracht (colors) do a fantastic job with the art. The characters are recognizable and consistent. These two worlds meld together nicely. Cassie, Vlad, Mercy, Hank, and a supporting cast of local towns people and priests.

The story itself, penned by Blaylock with help from Seeley, is pretty straight forward. It is not epic but it is a fun read. The fake angels with dead birds tied on like wings are visually interesting but provide a nice story development.

Hack is everywhere in funny books. Hopefully Mercy Sparx has more adventures in the future. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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