The GeeksverseCharismagic #1

Charismagic #1
Published on Thursday, April 7, 2011 by

Written by: Vince Hernandez
Art by: Khary Randolph
Colors: Emilio Lopez
Letters: Josh Reed
Cover Art: A- Khary Randolph w/ Emilio Lopez; B- Siya Olim; Ale Garza w/ Emilio Lopez
Editorial Assistant: Josh Reed
Editor: Frank Mastromauro

The premise was interesting but the zero issue really didn’t help sell the series. This issue does so much better.

An ancient evil is freed and it makes alot of people disappear. Hank is a magician in Las Vegas. He’s an entertainer but he knows more about what is going on, that there is true magic, then at first glance. It’s pretty evident though that he only believe Hector’s words about it to just learn what he needed.

Hernandez does good with the script. There’s a couple of minor problems but nothing that bad. It moves along at a good clip with just enough shown to make it all interesting. The results of Samsun’s return isn’t what is to be expected. Instead of what Hector described it’s unexpected.

For most of the story Hernandez makes good use of the thought bubble. There’s a couple of scenes that really stand out, but then the use of it at the end of the story takes away the strength of the first usage.

Randolph’s work is good. It’s got a nice style to it. I’m not sure the coloring helps though as it gives an odd look to the entire thing. It’s hard to tell if the dancer after the visit with Hector is Alle. And it was hard to tell that one of the first dancers in Hank’s act was Alle.

Charismagic #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

A decent start to the story.

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