The GeeksverseJSA All-Stars #17

JSA All-Stars #17
Published on Friday, April 8, 2011 by

Written by: Matthew Sturges
Art by: Freddie Williams II
Colors: Tanya & Richard Horie
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Cover Art: Freddie Williams II
Associate Editor: Chris Conroy
Editor: Joey Cavalieri

It’s not an original storyline, having someone wake up and the world is different, but Sturges does a great job with this, making it have an original and unique feel. It’s possible that because the character waking up in a different world is brand new, that could be what makes the story work so well.

And it does work well. All-Stars has had an odd feel and tone to it. It’s pretty hit or miss and this issue is a pretty solid hit.

The Prince is from a perfect world. He’s the son of that world’s greatest hero and it’s greatest villian. He’s married to Judomaster. But the All-Stars don’t know who he is. The one odd bit is that the Prince was locked up in a mental hospital and even thought he was a member of the All-Stars. This part comes out of nowhere and is the one bump in the otherwise well crafted story.

Sturges does very well with the dialogue and pacing. The Prince’s reactions feel real and honest. As do the JSA. Each is approaching the problem as you would expect them to.

The subplot of Roxy getting used to a human body doesn’t read as well as the rest of the issue. It’s a weak segment in an otherwise strong story. It makes me remember the previous storyline which was odd and was more of a miss.

I’m still not sold on Freddie Williams II work. There’s some nice looking panels but then there are some really bad looking panels. There are some that have smooth movement from one to the other. And there are some that are awkward and jerky.

He’s also got perspective issues. In the scene where The Prince flies through the roof and PG comments on how he broke her house, she’s looking down at the ground.

A more consistent artist might help make this book stronger.

JSA All-Stars #17 receives
4 out of 5

This has been a series of hit and misses with this issue being a solid hit.

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