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Global Knights – Codename: Yellow Jackets #1
Published on Sunday, April 10, 2011 by

Published by: Cosmic Bard Press
Written/Art by: Darrel Adams

An interesting premise. This book offers a different and unique take on the world of superhumans. Metahumans are born into the world and develop their powers. An organization called the Global Knights uses the metahumans to save the world. The Union of Shadows uses Shadowhunters to steal the powers of potential metahumans and transfer it to symbiotes that they Union can control.

It’s interesting and has potential.

The story is decent. Starting off with the newest recruit, Agent Scorn, held prisoner by the Union. It then goes back 6 months and tells the story of how she was recruited, coming back to the beginning just in time for her to be rescued. There’s a bit of the flashback that doesn’t work. It’s written as if Scorn was remembering it, but how does she know the parts that happened when she was unconscious?

The script is strong. The characters show some good traits. Stingers part about helping make the world a better place is a bit heavy handed, but it works. The villian has an over-the-top mad scientist feel. Both work because of the tone of the series.

It’s not a parody, but it almost feels like it could be. The situation, charaters and dialogue are cranked up. It’s bright and shiny.

The art and coloring are bright and shiny. It’s not the greatest art, but it’s not the worst. The storytelling is decent but it’s not the strongest work.

Global Knights – Codename: Yellow Jackets #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

A decent idea with potential.

Global Knights – Codename: Yellow Jackets #1 can be purchased from Drive Thru Comics

Learn more about Global Knights and Cosmic Bard Press at the publisher’s website.

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