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Triggermen #1
Published on Sunday, April 10, 2011 by

Published by: Triptych Books
Written by: Mike Andersen
Art by: Heathar Brinesh
Lettered by: Rachel Wells
Cover by: Greta Schimmel
Editor: Stephanie Flint

This is definately an intriguing story. It’s about a couple of assassins, but it’s also a buddy comedy mixed in.

It’s even got the hang out from those buddy shows. In this case the two men, Matthew and Jason, hang out at Chinese buffets. Which leads to a really funny sequance at the end of the issue.

The interaction between the two is the highlight of the story. This is two old friends and they act like it. We all have a friend like that, the one that drives you crazy but you would do anything for them. That’s Matthew and Jason.

The story opens with alternating panels showing the two men waking up and how different their sequances are. It helps establish the personalities. They are a geninue odd couple.

That they are paid assassins really sends the story over the edge, and in a good way. Andersen does an amazing job with the story. THey kill the wrong man and their solution? Frame someone else and not just any random person, but the old high school bully.

Only in comic books. And I’m glad.

The art has an interesting style. Brinesh has a half tone style. The drawback is that the scenes at night and daytime appear the same in a couple of spots. She draws some real nice characters. They have some stiffness to them, but overall they move well. She can really capture emotions and does a good job with their features and mannerisms conveying the story.

Triggermen #1 receives
5 out of 5

An excellant story with good art. A fun read.

Triggermen #1 can be purchased from Drive Thru Comics

Learn more about Triggermen and Triptych Books at the publisher’s website.

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