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Batman Beyond #4
Published on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 by

Nightwing and Max together in Batman Beyond #4. The one character nearly missing from the Beyond roster was Max. She is prominently featured in this issue. Also in this issue, Nightwing takes to the skies and sewers again. Additionally, Dick Grayson outs himself publicly as a former Nightwing as the world watches.

This issue sets up several story lines to come in future issues. Max has a solo adventure trying to protect her near Oracle status as helper of McGinnins. She has to make a choice which could change her relationship with the Bat family. Unfortunately, her inner monologue is overly repetitive and circular. It was a tad annoying.

Dick Grayson looks good with the eye patch.

Terry looks good digging in Bruce’s make up stash to go undercover.

Interestingly, this comic pulls Batman Beyond squarely into the Batman Inc. continuity. This futuristic Gotham tale has always drawn from the older mythos and characters, but pulling in Batman Inc seems like an interesting choice. 50 years from now, as always, this is another high flying fun installment of the Bat family.

I’m not sold on the art work. It reminds me of everything I did not like about the miniseries this past summer.

Adam Beechen Writer
Edwardo Pansica Penciller
Eber Ferreira Inker
David Baron Colorist
Dustin Nguyen Cover
Swands Letter
Chris Conroy Editor

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