The GeeksverseBatgirl #20

Batgirl #20
Published on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 by

This issue like all of Stephanie’s adventures is a fun ride, as she takes down the Speedster who has been hounding her for the last several issues. There is a lot about this story that’s really good, Batgirl gets to test out her knew toys: an armoured SUV called “The Compact” and Batarangs with modular and combine-able power-ups, There’s a really great scene with Batgirl and Barbara where Barbara tells her that she’s strong enough to stand on her own feet and will be fine without her guidance in the field, and the way that Barbara defeated the enemy using clues gathered over there last couple run-ins really felt like the kind of resolution a Bat-story should have.

Why then does this issue feel weak? The villain Xane’s back-story is laid out in a single page, he’s an entitled kid who slacks his way through school and expects everyone else to pay his own way who got approached by The Reapers to become a member of their operation. The main question is why? There are no shortage of people like that in any college, so why would he be singled out you think they’d want someone a little more reliable it seems like he was chosen merely for the plot convenience of Steph being able to see the map he was studying during their class together. It feels like lazy writing.

The art is also sub-par for what we’ve seen in these books. Bachs is a competent enough artist and the proportions are never too out of whack, but the facial expressions on the characters range from vacant to incredibly plastic and with characters who have as much personality as the girls in this book that becomes a major distraction. Still there’s quite a few panels that work very well, and story-wise I’m looking foward to leanring about the Detective’s history with the Reapers. Overall this is a good issue that gets my seal of approval, it’s just not quite up to the level I’ve come to expect from this book.

Comic Score: 3/5
Bechdel Test: Pass
OOTF Score 5/5

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