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Birds of Prey #11
Published on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 by

Most of this issue was very strong. It helps that Simone writes both characters. It’s just the ending that falters a couple of steps.

The solicitations of this issue was the first time I had heard anything about a Catman/Huntress relationship. But looking at it, it seems natural. Huntress is a hero who sometimes steps over the line. Catman isn’t sure if he wants to be a hero or not. It seems natural that these two would be attracted to eachother.

And it seems natural that it would be a “we want to but we can’t” kind of relationship.

The start and middle of this issue is very strong as we watch Catman and Huntress track down some bank robbers and try to rescue the hostage. It’s well written, well paced, well plotted. The banter, the flirting between the two is natural and in character for both.

I really enjoyed watching them play off each other and watching Huntress start to lose her reservations about Catman. I even enjoyed the comments from the peanut gallery of Oracle and Black Canary. It comes across as two friends watching their other friend go through a date.

It’s the end that the story falters. The scheme by Catman is a bit much. It’s too confusing. And his reactions don’t flow naturally. First he’s letting Huntress and himself get closer, then when she finds out his lie he begs her for forgiveness and help. But then it turns out that it was all about driving the Huntress away.

Too many layers and Catman seems out of character for a couple of the steps. The first 7/8ths of the issue was strong, the final 1/8th not as strong.

Perez work is great. He’s got a nice style. His storytelling is strong, the panels flowing nicely. Why hasn’t this guy been giving a monthly assignment yet? There are a dozen artists I’d like to see him replace and thats just off the top of my head.

Birds of Prey #11 receives
4 out of 5

The last part, as much as it misteps, doesn’t overshadow the strength of the rest of the issue.

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