The GeeksverseBlack Panther: Man Without Fear #517

Black Panther: Man Without Fear #517
Published on Friday, April 15, 2011 by

Written by: David Liss
Art by: Francesco Francavilla
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: A- Simone Bianchi w/ Simone Peruzzi; B- John Tyler Christopher
Assistant Editor: John Denning
Editor: Bill Rosemann

This is what I don’t understand about this series so far, everyone seems to doubt that the Panther can handle Hells Kitchen and they seem to want to force it down his throat that he can’t. Isn’t this the guy that was able to run a country and be an Avenger at the same time? I don’t understand.

It seems forced. That Liss throws in Luke Cage and Spider-Man doubting the Panther just to provide a means of having the Panther self doubt. And to have Luke Cage show up in the middle of an interrogation by the Panther and want to put a stop to it? It makes no sense. It’s out of character.

Cage isn’t being a good friend. He’s not being supportive. Why does Cage think the Panther can’t hack it? What bodies are starting to pile up? What makes the fight between Panther and Vlad so different from the fights between Daredevil and the Kingpin? Daredevil and the Hand? Bodies piled up then but Cage didn’t come after Daredevil.

It doesn’t read right.

And it’s a major bump in an otherwise decent story. There’s some other bumps, but they weren’t there before. This issue builds the bumps. Since when did Gabe get powers? And he seems to be pretty good at using them already. Gabe’s also pretty smart and quick for a scared kid that doesn’t know what he’s doing.

How did Vlad make the connection between the restaurant owner and the Panther? It seems a huge leap as there is no supporting evidence at all. It’s a leap to just propel the story along. And how do people know it’s a panther costume? Wouldn’t they think it’s just a cat of some kind since they are in the city and not the jungle?

This series, Liss and the Panther in Hell’s Kitchen, started off strong but it’s faltering now. Luckily the first arc wraps up next issue so we can see what Liss plans for the next arcs. He needs to come back strong.

Francavilla’s art is good. He’s got a nice noirish/pulp feel and style that helps ground this title. It weakens when he has to show super powers and such. His strength is in the noirish elements. In some spots the figures are too stiff, which is another weakness of his, but one that will fade with time.

Black Panther: Man Without Fear #517 receives
3 out of 5

What started off strong is starting to lose some momentum.

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