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Dean Koontz Nevermore #1
Published on Friday, April 15, 2011 by

Story by: Dean Koontz
Script by: Keith Champagne
Illustrated by: Leno Carvalho
Colored by: Steve Downer
Lettered by: Bill Tortolini
Cover Art: A- Darick Robertson; B- Tyler Walpole; C- Leno Carvalho
Editor: Joseph Rybandt

An interesting story. It starts off and we don’t know what is going on. A team of scientists are undertaking a mission. They activate a machine and are transported to a parallel dimension. From there things take off running.

The team, all of whom are introduced briefly, are following Bobby Godric who is on a quest to find the woman that is his wife in another dimension and bring her home. His wife died of brain cancer and he can’t live without her.

Interspaced throughout are flashbacks to the life that Bobby and Nora led. Those few pages illustrate how strong their bond was. And we discover that it’s still just as strong in other dimensions.

The story is sad because we learn that things are basically the same from one dimension to the other. The culture is radically different, but Bobby discovers that some things just can’t be changed.

Champagne’s script is very strong. We aren’t given much on the team, but we can see their dedication to Godric and there’s enough given that they have some personalities and uses of their own. They aren’t just there to provide background. Each has a purpose.

The other world is pretty scary. It’s tightly controled and with a high level of technology. We also find out that there are things hidden behind the curtains of that world that are even scarier.

The strength of Champagne’s script, which creates the bond with the characters, is such that even with not much action or much of a hook to the next issue, you’ll still want to pick it up. You become invested in Bobby and Nora and want to see him happy.

And the art by Carvalho helps create that bond. Where has this guy been hiding? His work is excellant. Strong sense of storytelling and his characters are well rendered. It’s his expressions that are the strength. They are perfect and carry such emotion.

Downer deserves some attention for his colors. He gives the flashbacks a slightly washed out tone, helping identify them and making them stand out from the rest of the story.

Dean Koontz Nevermore #1 receives
4.5 out of 5

An excellant start to this mini-series.

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