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Captain America: The Fighting Avenger
Published on Saturday, April 16, 2011 by

Written by: Brian Clevinger
Art by: Gurihiru
Lettered by: Tom Orzechowski
Cover Art: A- Barry Kitson w/ Dave McCaig; B- Gurihiru
Editor: Nathan Cosby, Michael Horwitz & John Denning

I don’t understand what the point of this comic is. What universe does it take place in? The movie? Costume is wrong and it doesn’t fit the plot. The regular MU? Costume is wrong and it doesn’t fit the origins of Cap and the Red Skull. This isn’t the Ultimate Universe. This Cap isn’t that much of a bad-ass.

So where does it occur? And that begs the greater question of: why does it occur?

The story is about a team of 4 American commandos that have the just created super soldier given to them to safeguard and give some field experience to. Okay, that works. But not being able to place this into history makes it hard to get into. The idea of Cap being given some “easy” missions in order to get some much needed experience, that makes alot of sense and it’s something that I’m surprised Brubaker didn’t hit on.

But this attempt at doing it just doesn’t work.

It’s not that Clevinger writes a bad story. He doesn’t. It’s just hard to get a handle on this. This is not the way the Red Skull was created. But as Caps first mission? It still doesn’t work because something about it just seems off. It makes sense that Cap wouldn’t have his legendary confindence quite yet. But something still feels off about it all.

And the joke about not having a codename got old real quick.

Gurihiru’s art is too manga inspired for my tastes, at least in this style of story. It’s too cartoony. It gives the entire thing a child-like feel so it’s hard to take the story seriously. His work is good. But it’s just not for this story.

Captain America: The Fighting Avenger receives
2 out of 5

Without a way to place this story in any of the known universes, it makes it impossible to get into the story.

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