The GeeksverseHack/Slash #3- Advanced Review

Hack/Slash #3- Advanced Review
Published on Saturday, April 16, 2011 by

Undead deer. Kamikazi undead deer.

Hack/Slash #3 picks up with an overview of the major characters –which is helpful for readers that are new to the newly Image comic–and the adventure that #2 ended on. Undead kamikazi deer is just a herd of reasons to love this issue. Vlad and Cassie leave a seemingly unrelated case on Grande Isle involving a steaming hot acid bathing villain to try to save the day.

Action packed, town in peril action well drawn inside!

As an extra bonus included is Hoax Hunters part 3.
Written by Steve Seeley and Micheal Moreci
Art Jim Rignut
Letters by Jim Campbell

Look for this Tim Seeley penned installment to hit the shelves on 4-20-2011!

Art Daniel Lester
Colors Mark Englert
Letters Crank!

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