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S.H.I.E.L.D. Infinity
Published on Saturday, April 16, 2011 by

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Lettered by: Todd Klein
Cover Art: A- Gerald Parel; B- Dustin Weaver w/ Christina Strain
Associate Editor: Daniel Ketchum
Editor: Nick Lowe

The first volume of S.H.I.E.L.D. has ended and the second will soon start. This issue serves to fill the gap between volumes and give some more history on some of the characters. But like the series itself, for all that is revealed and shown, there is still much that is unknown.

The first story, ‘Colossus’, has art by Nick Pitarra with Rachelle Rosenberg on colors. It serves a purpose similar to the opening scenes of issue #1, showing that the involvment of aliens goes far back into Earth’s history. Here Archimedes has to use the Colossus of Rhodes to fend off a Kree Sentry. We learn that da Vinci had tried to recruit Michaelangelo into the Shield. This will probably be important later, as we’ve just started seeing Michaelangelo’s presence and we’re not sure what his impact will be.

Pitarra’s art is decent. It’s a nice style that seems to fit in with the time being shown. It’s got a classical feel to it.

The second story, ‘The Hidden Message’, has art by Zachary Baldus. This story has three thieves, but not quite thieves, find a prophecy that takes them to the Hidden City and Nicodemus. He tells them a word that the survivor takes to Michaelangelo. This story spotlights how strong Nicodemus’ gift is, as he specifically named those three and told them how to find him in the Hidden City. It leads you to wonder why he would allow Newton to imprison him. It hints that there has to be a greater meaning. And the word that is brought back to Michaelangelo makes us believe that the artist knows what that deeper meaning is.

Baldus art has a nice style to it. It’s an interesting style. I don’t think it would work for every story, but there are some that it would really help make the story better.

The third story, ‘Life, The End of the world, and the key’, shows how Tesla comes to be the Great Machine and how Michaelangelo is the one that makes him that way. This is probably the most important of the four as it lays the ground work for what Tesla does, why he does it, and just how important Leonid is. The art is by Kevin Mellon with Dan Brown on colors.

This story also shows how tightly Hickman is controling his corner of the Marvel Universe as we see the room with all the cylinders that was shown in Secret Warriors #25, the issue that first showed the ties between Nick Fury and da Vinci’s S.H.I.E.L.D. This makes us wonder how far the tendrils reach and what the larger story is.

The final story stars Isaac Newton. It has art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta and shows us just how dangerous Newton really is. If you weren’t sure who the villian of the overall story was, this will help cement it. Newton is shown murdering his rivals. Why he is doing so is unknown, but that he is doing so highlights what is different between him and da Vinci. Newton is not a nice man. Does he have the true goals of the brotherhood in mind or just his?

The four stories don’t stand well on their own. If you hadn’t read volume one then none of it would have made sense. Those thinking to use this as a jumping on point will be disappointed. They are strong stories, but only in that they tie together into the larger tapestry. They serve as a good break between the volumes, helping fill in some gaps and making new ones.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Infinity receives
4 out of 5

Strong stories but only those familiar with the first volume will get anything out of them.

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