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Sky Pirates 2.2 @ Boston
Published on Monday, April 18, 2011 by

Sky Pirates of Valendor 2.2! Scheduled to release at AnimeBoston next weekend, Jolly Rogue Studios beat their deadline and actually was able to do a soft release at this weekend’s first ever Paint & Pixel Festival in Northampton, MA!

2.2? What does that mean? Glad you asked! Well it’s the second issue in the series’ 2nd story arc so the team is creatively called it 2.2 and so on. In this issue, the crew of the Rogue’s Revenge receive their next assignment times two. A formal invitation to tea turns into a volatile family reunion. And after further structural damage to Governor Langford’s home, Captain Tobin Manheim is forced to divide up his crew for double the money…but could it also mean double the trouble.

The issue retails for $3.50 on the Sky Pirates of Valendor website and is 32 pages. The series continues to be written by Everett Soares and illustrated by Brian Brinlee.

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