The GeeksverseStan Lee’s Soldier Zero #7 – Advanced Review

Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #7 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, April 18, 2011 by

Written by: Dan Abnett And Andy Lanning
Art by: Javier Pina
Colored by: Archie Van Buren
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Cover Art: A- Trevor Hairsine w/ Archie Van Buren; B- Kalman Andrasofszky
Editor: Bryce Carlson

This is a well paced issue. The way the opening narrative lays out and is scripted is excellant, DnA at their height. The narrative is about Gershon, the original host of the Soldier Zero biosyte, telling Stewart how the biosyte came to be on Earth and wounded. It’s an interesting told tale, the script definately carries across an alien mind. It’s got a different structure and feel, different cadence.

The origin also ties in with the other two Stan Lee books. I was wondering if this was going to happen. I remember reading that Soldier Zero and Starborn were connected, but wasn’t sure if Traveler would be as well. I’m still not sold on the connection to the Traveler, even if it’s only a single panel mention, it still feels like it was forced into the story. The Starborn connection on the other hand feels right and natural.

The rest of the story is about Stewart and Application Nine trying to figure out where they are after the Clowns transported them at the end of last issue. Application Nine knows alot about whats going on and as much as he tries to come across as the good guy, I have a feeling this is going to be a “shades of gray” kind of book with neither App Nine’s benefactors or the government being totally good or evil.

DnA have gotten a good grip on the story in a short time. I wonder how much of the plot was laid out by Paul Cornell and how much is DnA? Was Application Nine and the Clowns their contribution or was that something that would have been in the story if Cornell had still been writing?

Pina’s art is starting to get some more flash to it. It’s hard to tell what the difference is but it’s not as bland as it was before. The linework and storytelling have always been good, but the overall work lacked excitement. But this issue has a bit more life to it.

The backgrounds and some of the details, like Application Nine, are still on the plain side, but the work is starting to improve.

Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #7 receives:
4 out of 5

Well paced and crafted story by DnA.

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