The GeeksverseDays Missing: Kestus #5

Days Missing: Kestus #5
Published on Thursday, April 21, 2011 by

Written by: Phil Hester
Art by: David Marquez
Colored by: Digikore
Lettered by: Troy Peteri
Cover Art: Dale Keown
Editor: Paul Morrissey

The end of the Days Missing: Kestus mini-series and a major turning point in the story. The Steward had discovered that some of his journals had been rewritten, and we now found out how. Not quite why yet, but the set up is there and the next mini-series promises to be pretty entertaining.

The truth about Kestus and why she is immortal is revealed. And it’s pretty cosmic stuff. I like how Hester works in one of the Collider’s and the fears that those miles-long machines have. He shows that the fear is real, but not in a way we though.

Hester’s script is very strong. The narrative is different from what we’ve seen in the other four issues. It’s a different point of view, a meaner point of view. And the way it starts off makes the reader think the story will go in a certain direction. There’s a couple of twists that keep the story moving and keep the reader on their toes.

The ending isn’t to be expected.

The cosmic stuff could have been out there, but Hester does a good job of keeping it grounded. The feel of universes being born and dying is there, but it’s in a way that is easily followed. We can easily understand the concepts that Kestus is getting at.

And this issue shows that sometimes fate can’t be avoided. The end that Kestus sensed, that caused her actions in this issue, come true anyways. Just not the way she thought. It’s a sobering thought/lesson for The Steward, one who tries to change fate by taking away days.

The drawback of this issue is that if you hadn’t read previous Days Missing, which I hadn’t, then you might be a bit lost with the reveal at the end and some of the comments. Before not much prior knowledge was needed as this was just The Steward and Kestus. But this issue brings in some concepts from other issues. It’s not enough to derail the story for the new reader, but someone that had read the prior stuff would get more knowledge and the reveal would have deeper meaning.

Marquez is a talent. His work is clean and crips. The style seems a bit different in this issue. It’s almost like he toned it down a bit. It’s still excellant. He’s rapidly become one of my favorite artists.

Days Missing: Kestus #5 receives
4 out of 5

A solid wrap to the mini-series with a cliffhanger ending that makes us need the next mini-series soon.

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