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Ryder On The Storm #3
Published on Friday, April 22, 2011 by

A decent wrap-up to the mini-series. The mystery that had opened the series gets solved but was it necessary? I had almost forgotten that there was a mystery that had started it all, the death of Michael, Ryder’s brother. The story of the Daemons vs Humans that had dominated the majority of the series had pushed the mystery to the back.

Because of that, when it’s revealed what had happened, it seems forced. It’s not a typical detective reveal. And feels more like a “we have to resolve this” kind of reveal.

After that, the story moves quickly, with one final and major twist at the end that sets up a sequel. If Hine had been trying to make it look like Ryder had really gone over to the Daemons, it doesn’t work. It never comes across that he did turn from the humans. That he was playing and trying to trick them is obvious.

The problem with bi-monthly issues is that sometimes you can forget the prior events, and the lateness of this issue when #2 came out in Janurary definately didn’t help. Seeing Katrina have a gun on Ryder was a bit of a shock since I had forgotten that the last issue had ended like that.

All the prior events are pulled together in the last issue but it doesn’t come across as natural. Most of it seems forced.

It’s still a good wrap-up to the mini-series and the twists/reveal at the end should make for an interesting sequel, if there is one.

The art by Nichols and Petrus isn’t as strong as in previous issues. The characters, especially Ryder and Katrina, don’t look the same as they did before. The storytelling is decent but the charaters aren’t as well rendered.

I do have to say though that the Drone Queen is one of the creepiest and ugliest creatures I have ever seen. I thought the Brood Mothers from Dragon Age were bad. They have nothing on the Drone Queen.

Ryder On The Storm #3 receives
3.5 out of 5

The final issue isn’t as strong as the previous 2 but it’s still enough to want a sequel.

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