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Avengers Academy #12
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Carina, the ex-wife of Korvac and the daughter of the Collector, plucked the students adult selves from the time stream and put the kids minds in the bodies. They now have all the experience and powers of their adult selves. It’s an interesting idea but a bit of a deus ex machina.

Of which there are a couple in this story. It just works out perfectly that an adult Veil and Hazmat are exactly what is needed to take out Korvac. Thats the biggest one, but there’s a couple others.

The nice thing is the way that Gage uses this to highlight parts of the kids, add a couple nice character moments to some, and change others.

Veil and Reptil take full use of their new abilities in such a way that once they are set back to normal, the actions they took helped fix some issues they have. An event in the story causes Striker to do some deep thinking and Hazmat and Mettle share a moment when they realize they’re stuck like they are forever.

When Finesse fights Korvac, her abilities are shown similar to the way that the Taskmaster’s were shown in the recent mini-series. More clues pointing towards him being her father?

Gage does good, keeping us guessing as to which of the kids will go bad and which will be good. There are moments where you can see each of them, even Reptil, moving one direction or the other. Mettle, stuck as a red monster, seems to not care if he lives or dies. Can see this as pushing him towards the bad side, but not as a world-wanting villian, but just a monster that goes on Hulk-like rampages. Veil’s comments at the end make you wonder if she falls to the “absolute power corrupts absolutely” idea.

I’m just not sure if the changes were warranted this early in the run of the book.

I remember when Tom Raney first appeared. He was one of Marvel’s go-to fill-in artists for years. Then he altered his style somewhat and got the job on the Warren Ellis Stormwatch and I fell in love with his pencils. I’ve been waiting years to see his work in another monthly series again and I’m glad it’s finally arrived.

He did good with the aged kids. The resemblance to their younger selves was perfect. You could really see these as the aged kids.

Avengers Academy #12 receives
4.5 out of 5

The fight with Korvac serves no purpose but to provide the fuel for the changes to the kids. With the way Gage handles those changes it’s okay.

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