The GeeksverseE.L.F. #2

E.L.F. #2
Published on Sunday, April 24, 2011 by

Written by: Jason Avery
Art by: Andre Caliman
Colors: Daniel Harris
Letters: Charles Pritchett
Cover Art: Andre Caliman
Editor: Brian Downes
Published by: Across The Pond Studios
Created by: Howard Avril, Jason Avery & Rod Wynn

Definately an interesting way to open up the second issue. The first issue introduced us to Cooper Calloway. This issue opens with some kind of menace, in the year 2010, giving a dialogue about cleansing the Earth. Cooper arrives and is promptly thrown off the top of the building.

What makes it interesting is that the end of the first issue left Cooper showing up in some fantasy realm.

The rest of the issue gives us the whys and whats of the story. We learn that back in 500 AD a magician in the realm of Far-Ay has a vision of the events that open the series. Together with Mother Gaia they plan to create Cooper, the “dark man from the sky” that will be the hero that will save Earth and Far-Ay from the Bok, the aliens that the Overseer (the menace from the beginning) is leading.

This could have been a pretty cheesy and badly executed idea, but the pacing and the script keep it moving and bring it together nicely. The story reads well and as presented works very well. The first issue was good but left alot open. We weren’t even given enough to understand what the title meant. But now we do.

This issue could have very easily been to heavy on expostion and dialogue, giving away too many secrets too fast. But Avery does a good job keeping it feeling natural and keeping the flow moving. It doesn’t bog down and at the end it all works out well.

Caliman’s art is better then it was in the first issue. It wasn’t bad, but it’s improved in this issue. Mother Gaia’s wood appearance doesn’t come off well, looking inanimate and lifeless, but the rest of the creatures of the world are well done. The Bok are also well done. Their hi-tech appearance is a good contrast to the fantasy of the Elves and others.

E.L.F. #2 receives
4.5 out of 5

Most second issues dip a bit in quality compared to the first, but this one is better then the first issue.

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