The GeeksverseGodzilla: Kingdom Of Monsters #2 – Advanced Review

Godzilla: Kingdom Of Monsters #2 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 by

Written by: Eric Powell & Tracy Marsh
Penciled by: Phil Hester
Inked by: Bruce McCorkindale
Colors: Ronda Pattison
Letters: Chris Mowry
Cover Art: A- Phil Hester w/ Ronda Pattison; B- Eric Powell; C- Matt Frank
Associate Editor: Bobby Curnow
Editor: Carlos Guzman & Chris Ryall

The monster rampage continues. Godzilla continues his trek through Japan, destroying all in his path. Across the world we see other monsters waking up or being born. They start their rampage across the world.

Marsh and Powell do a good job with the script. An entire issue of Godzilla destroying cities would start to get old, so they interspace it with some personal moments and the other monsters.

Rodan’s origin gets more screen time as we see a boy stealing the “egg” from the museum. The boy, a total punk, gets what he deserves.

The story of the fisherman from the first island hit takes up some of the issue. The little bit of captions we get come from him and his crusade to destroy Godzilla. His end is kind of sad and comedic at the same time. You feel bad at laughing.

I do have to agree with the reporters that President Ogden is taking a weak approach. Instead of waiting, they should send the military against the monsters well they search for answers. It’s no surprise that the wall that gets made in Texas doesn’t work.

That wall highlights the problem with this issue. That problem is time. How much time passes? It feels like no time at all, the same day from beginning of issue to end. There are cues in the story that a new day has dawned. But the script makes it seem like a new day had to have. The monster gets sighted in Mexico, and during the day that we see Rodan (which is our only cue for how much time passes, the kid getting home from school and hockey practice), and then the wall is being built.

It would have taken days to get that wall up to where it was at that point. And the way the reporter talks, it had to have been days. But the story doesn’t come across that way.

The pacing is the only problem though.

Hester’s art is fantastic. The guy can draw giant monsters and still manages to give them some human-like reactions. The scene with Godzilla versus the fisherman is well done. Hester does a great job showing Godzilla’s reactions.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #2 receives
4 out of 5

A fun story. Let yourself sit back and enjoy the ride.

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