The GeeksverseNew Cast Members in Lucius Hammer Universe

New Cast Members in Lucius Hammer Universe
Published on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 by reveals new cast members in the Lucius Hammer Universe. These characters will be players in Hammer’s title but will also see other projects. Brown Recluse is among these highlighted characters. Hammer’s Facebook page also hints that these characters will be used in upcoming projects although very little has been released beyond possible logos. Hammerheads are still getting the long tease.

Other projects from the same creator includes the Harlem Shadow novel.

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    • […] The Ravenhammer website and Facebook pages are hyping the upcoming book. The one shot duo book is scheduled to hit in August. Apparently, Blackwing and Troublemaker meet my main character Lucius Hammer during the civil rights struggle in a program for black superheroes called The American Guardians. That will surely play a part of the one shot since Ravenhammer is working toward building a solid and complete world. The second issue of Lucius Hammer is also shipping this summer in June. In all, these books will flesh out the world of Ravenhammer and their shared universe. […]

    • […] you approached Iron Tiger where did you draw your references? Colbert: Iron tigers inspiration came from a few different […]


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