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The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1
Published on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 by

Written by: Cole Haddon
Art by: M.S. Corley
Colors: Jim Campbell
Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Cover Art: M.S. Corley w/ Jim Campbell
Assistant Editor: Patrick Thorpe
Editor: Dave Land

An interesting story. A victorian murder mystery that involves Doctor Jeckyll and Mister Hyde. There have been a series of murders, reminding people of Hyde’s from five years ago, in Whitechapel. The murderer appears to have supernatural strengths, againing reminding people of Hyde. Hyde was thought killed, but Inspector Thomas Ayde discovers he’s been kept alive and imprisoned below Scotland Yard. A doctor, Otterman, has managed to bring Jeckyll’s personality to the front again but this is not the same man. He’s been affected by Hyde’s lack of morality.

Ayde makes a good detective. Haddon’s plot and script showcase the young inspector’s abilities. By showing how good Ayde really is, it makes the conclusion that he needs Jeckyll’s help even stronger, it makes sense that this case is beyond Ayde’s abilities. Without this show of ability the reader wouldn’t be able to become invested in Ayde because the character would just be there to push the story along.

Haddon also does good with the time period, showing the stuffiness (for lack of a better word) of the people of that time. The conversation between Ayde and Jeckyll is excellant, with Jeckyll playing off Ayde’s culture.

Corley’s art is very nice. It’s very detailed, capturing the time period well. He’s got a strong sense of storytelling.

The scene in the jail, between Ayde and Jeckyll is well laid out. It’s a talking head scene but Corely makes it interesting with his layouts. It’s from the point of view of Jeckyll and sometimes we see the bars and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes the panel borders cuts Ayde in half. It’s nicely laid out and keeps the reader interested in a rather boring scene.

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1 receives
4.5 out of 5

Excellant start to what promises to be a good series.

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