The GeeksverseMorning Glories #9

Morning Glories #9
Published on Thursday, April 28, 2011 by

Written by: Nick Spencer
Illustrated by: Joe Eisma
Colors: Alex Sollazzo
Letters: Johnny Lowe
Cover Art: Rodin Esquejo
Editor: Jade Dodge

This arc has really shown what Spencer can do with this series. The first arc was too fast paced. We didn’t get to know the kids and the situation was too outlandish for us to believe their reactions.

Now things are slowing down, we’re getting to know the kids better and we can see why they don’t react like we should expect. In the case of Jun it’s his history and when the Academy came to collect his brother Hisao. This flashback also serves to show just how affective the Academy is at getting the students to follow their ways. And also hints at the larger story and that there’s an organization that is against the Academy. Some of the pieces start coming together.

The bigger question is that if the Academy didn’t want him before, why do they want the elder brother Jun now? That part is a big odd as it doesn’t allow the previous stories to work. Jun, the new student, knew Miss Darabont from before, from five years ago and she knew him and didn’t want him for the Academy. But does now?

That part weakens the entire story. What could have been a strength ends up weakening the entire story. For a series that is only nine issues long it’s too soon to have a retcon issue. Knowing that Jun wasn’t wanted, but he is there anyways, isn’t the same as the other mysteries of this series. The whole revelation and flashback comes across as forced.

This issue really showed Eisma’s lack of experience. The characters appeared flat against the backgrounds. It was hard to tell if the character of Abraham was the same guy that had met Hunter in the previous issue’s flashback. I’m going to assume it was. There is a lack of depth. Even Jun doesn’t look like Jun in the Academy scenes. The brothers don’t look alike.

Morning Glories #9 receives
3.5 out of 5

It’s too early in the series for a retcon continuity issue.

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