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Marvel Announces Free-To-Play MMO
Published on Friday, April 29, 2011 by

Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment announced their plans to produce a Free-To-Play MMO with playable MU characters and a storyline written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Bendis revealed that the gameplay would allow players to play as MU characters. Captain American, Squirrel Girl, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Nova were named as just some of the playable characters.

“This is a great opportunity to explore the breadth of the Marvel universe. We thought really hard about this and we would much rather live in a world where you get to be Wolverine, you get to be Captain America and deal with the issues and the interesting questions that that raises, than a world where you’re a sidekick,” said Jeff Lind, studio director for Secret Identity, the subdivision at Gazillion responsible for creating the Marvel MMO.

“We’re really going to turn the MMO world on its head. This is being designed as a free play game from the ground up, which is a very different approach most people are taking these days. We really want to make this a legitimate experience, a compelling experience,” said David Brevik, President and CEO of Gazillion.

It was revealed that the game has been in development for over a year already. It will be for the PC at first with console TBD.

When asked if the game would be “Disney-fied”, they responded that this would be a game adults want to play. They said that there was the Super Hero Squad MMO, developed by Gazillion, for kids.

“One of the real charms of a game like this is that the player will get to create their own continuity. This the ultimate answer to message board bitching. ‘All right, go do it yourself!’,” Bendis said.

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