The GeeksverseNew Mutants #24

New Mutants #24
Published on Friday, April 29, 2011 by

Written by: Mike Carey
Penciled by by: Steve Kurth
Inked by: Allen Martinez
Colors: Brian Reber
Letters: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: Mico Suayan w/ Marte Gracia
Assistant Editors: Sebastian Girner
Editor: Daniel Ketchum

The last chapter of Age of X, which just comes across as a big “huh”. What was the point?

They were in this Age of X for 7 days but it seemed a lifetime to the people “living” in it. So if the X-Men were missing for seven days, what happened to the rest of the world? The Avengers didn’t realize that the entire population of Utopia was missing? What about those mutants that live on the mainland?

That the “Moira” persona created the Age of X as a response to Dr Nemesis erasing Legions personalities was a good idea. It does seem like a good defense mechanism. The only problem is the world that was created. This was Legion’s idea of a perfect world?

This helps explain why the Age of X felt incomplete, because it was.

It just makes me wonder why so much attention was giving to this storyline, because that’s all it ends up being, just another storyline. There was a lot of time and effort put into just another alternate universe story. This bears a strong resemblance to Age of Apocalyse, which was also created by Legion.

But that this was created by Legion makes some of the choices a bit odd. It’s understandable why the psychics were imprisoned and why Shadowcat was. But why did Cyclops hook up with Frenzy in this world? Why was Magneto the General? Why was Cannonball his second? Neither Magneto or Cannonball have been a major influence to Legion, so it just seems odd that they would be “altered” like they were.

The world was incomplete, but some of the changes just don’t make sense considering the origin.

New Mutants #24 receives
3 out of 5

Age of X just ends up being hollow.

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