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Turok, Son of Stone #2
Published on Friday, April 29, 2011 by

Jim Shooter
Art by: Eduardo Francisco
Colors: Jose Villarrubia w/ Dusty Higgins
Letters: Blambot
Cover Art: Raymond Swanland
Associate Editor: Samantha Robertson
Editor: Chris Warner

This was pretty late. The first issue came out in October. I haven’t seen books ship this late since the heyday of Image.

The story is good but it’s not good enough to make up for the lateness.

Shooter does a good job of showing people in a new world that have to feel their way around. He also does a good job of showing a world that is made up of different people from different eras of history.

Turok comes across as a little too smart. He’s able to figure out how to talk to Ah-Stah by finding a common language, but he knows the language too well. It goes both ways though. Ah-Stah comes across as a bit flighty but she knows Norweigian and different indian tribes that happened to exist in Newfoundland 600 years before her time.

It’s just a bit too much of a coincedance. Especially when the Aztecs that are pursuing Turok just happen to stumble on the lost city of Aztlan.

It’s almost too much. It almost makes the story unbelievable. But Shooter does a good job keeping it all in check. The story is good. I’ve enjoyed Turok alot more then any of the other Gold Key books that Shooter has restarted. This one has the best feel and read to it. It also seems this is the one that Shooter has the best handle on.

Francisco’s art is nice. It’s nicely detailed. He’s got a nice style for this story. All the varied people from different times look good and authentic.

Turok, Son of Stone #2 receives
4 out of 5

Shooter has done his research and creates an interesting world.

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