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Cobra Commander Tribute Special
Published on Saturday, April 30, 2011 by

100 pages of Mike Costa, Christos N. Gage and Larry Hama story telling for $7.99. This is the beginning of the Cobra Civil War as it reprints the Costa penned G.I. Joe #12 where Chuckles kills Cobra Commander. This 4/13/11 reprint joins Civil War #0 to hype the upcoming Joe event.

“Rattler” G.I. Joe #12
Written by Costa and Gage
Art by Antonio Fuso
Colors by Peter Dawes

As a reprint it probably isn’t worth the $7.99 price tag. Luckily, the reprint is only part of the 100 page spectacular. Commemorating the death of the Commander, this hefty reprint says it celebrates him. Although, inside the front cover it makes a point that the Commander that is blammed in the first reprint is not the Commander from the profile and other three reprinted issues. The rest of the reprints are vintage G.I. Joe ARAH featuring the Snake Eyes hating Cobra Commander.

“Desperate Moves” G.I. Joe ARAH #58
Larry Hama writer
Rod Whigham Pencils
Andy Mushinsky Inks
George Roussos Colors
Joe Rosen Letters
Bob Harras Edits
Cobra Commander takes Billy to Fred VII for help and receives the iconic battle armor.

“Beginnings…” G.I. Joe ARAH # 61
Larry Hama Writer
Marshall Rogers Break downs
Joe Rosen Letters
Bob Sharen Colors
Danny Bulanadi Finishes
Bob Harras Edits
Billy leaves, Fred betrays, the Commander is shot in the back, and a new Commander rises in the Battle Armor.

“He’s Back” G.I. Joe ARAH # 98
Larry Hama Writer
M.D. Bright Pencils
Randy Emberlin Inks
Bob Sharen Colors
Rick Parker Letters
Bobbie Chase Edits
An empty grave and the original Commander is back in a more ruthless way.

Each of these three Hama penned comics tells important moments from the original Commander’s story. Interestingly, all of these moments are featured in the B-story in these classic issues. Lots of Terror Dome action in all three of these reprints. Quick Kick, Dusty, Mainframe, Duke, Outback, Stalker, and more all risking their lives on disavowed missions around the world from the deserts to Canada. These are fun issues which can also be hard to find in their original printings, however they’ve all been reprinted before in other trades.

A few special features are included to round out the 100 pages. Two pages are a prose retro Commander biography with a few classic images of the masked man. Most adult Joe fans will know this story. This issue also has an odd 3 pages of quotes about the death from high ranking Joe and Cobra personnel. They are not divided evenly between Joe and Cobra nor are they position very well. Duke, Helix, Destro, Baroness, Crystal Ball, Croc Master, Krake, Mainframe, Tomax, and Zartan all provide a quote about the death of Cobra Commander. Are these clues to the next Cobra Commander? They do not all commemorate their fallen leader. The special features do not make this a worthwhile purchase if you already have these four issues in other forms. If you don’t have these four issues commemorating these three Commanders then this is a worthwhile addition to your collection. It is a set of fun reads for about 2 bucks an issue. Get ready for the Civil War!

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