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Wonder Woman #610
Published on Saturday, April 30, 2011 by

Written by: J. Michael Straczynski & Phil Hester
Penciled by by: Eduardo Pansica
Inked by: Wayne Faucher & Eber Ferreira
Colors: Pete Pantazis
Letters: Travis Lanham
Cover Art: A- Kramer & Sinclair; B- Alex Garner
Associate Editor: Darren Shan
Editor: Brian Cunningham

This issue pretty much conforms that the new direction of Wonder Woman is only temporary. She runs across one of the Fates who tells her that in order to save Diana’s life she, the fate, had to weave a new life.

What’s not explained is how much this new life has changed and how it intersects with the real DCU. We run into a Diana Prince and a Dr. Steve Trevor. Last issue we saw a Doctor Pyscho that wasn’t a dwarf.

How much of this new world is real DCU and the rest the Fates new weave?

I like the touch of the old weave turning into Diana’s magic lasso. That’s a nice connection to the old weave. It’s the Lasso of Truth. It should be a physical representation of the true life of Diana.

So the story is still somewhat confusing. It’s good that the Morrigan make mention of how the existing DCU see the new weave. They mention that the other super heroes are still as confused about Diana’s identity as she is. But what’s never been fully described is just how the rest of the DCU sees the new weave.

I’m not sure if I like where this is going. I just hope that there is some lasting impact of this or else it becomes a waste. All the hype and discussion and Wonder Woman returns to the status quo? What was the point then? It remains to be seen, but I hope there is some lasting impact.

Pansica’s art is nice. It’s similar to Don Kramer, who is supposed to be the artist on this series but hasn’t done the majority of the issues of this run. It’s similar but not as strong. Pansica has some talent and has a good grasp of storytelling. Some panels are closer to Kramer’s work, but the majority are not.

Wonder Woman #610 receives
3.5 out of 5

This is shaping up to be a wasted storyline.

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