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Homeless Comic’s Healed #3
Published on Sunday, May 1, 2011 by

Written by: George O' Connor
Illustrated by: S. Griffin
Cover Art: S. Griffin
Editor: Tracy O'Connor

This issue continues the 3 story format. In the prior two issues, aside from the continuing middle story, the other stories had been broader in scope. Showing how this had affected the world overall. This issue brings it in close and we see how the healing has affected two people.

The first story is about an elderly man that used to be in a nursing home. With the world being healed, the nursing home is basically kicking out the residents as there is no need for them to be there anymore. He’s picked up by his son and family. Through the script we learn that he had had MS and his son, and family, had put him in the nursing home so they didn’t have to deal with him. Now they are forced to deal with him and that neither is happy about it comes across very well. The grandfather is unhappy with what his son, at the wife’s suggestion, is doing to the old home.

It’s a heartbreaking story because it highlights a situation that occurs in a lot of homes, the elderly being seen as a burden by the families. This was an interesting angle to take the story because it’s not happy and in some cases it could make some people uncomfortable as it might hit home.

But it is an accurate portrayal of a situation that would occur if the world was healed.

The third story is about another resident of the same nursing home who woke up from alzheimers ready to see the world again. Where the first story shows a bleaker side, this one is a happier story. Her son and grandson arrive to pick her up. There’s awkwardness because the grandmother had alzheimers for most of the grandson’s life and didn’t remember anything. So there is alot of feeling out, unsureness, as they talk to eachother.

The grandmother is angry, not at the family, but at God in a way. And she has every right to. Her disease made her miss out on so much and she’s upset because of that, but at the same time thankful that she now has a chance to see her grandson.

This also is an accurate portrayal of a situation that would occur if the world was healed. This is the one that most of us would like to see.

The middle chapter shows some more of why Donna Gibbs wants to start the world dying again. She has to explain to her assistant and it’s reasoning that makes sense. With no one dying of natural causes the world will be overpopulated and there will be food shortages. And she’s right, there won’t be an ephiphany but an apocalypse. But at the same time, are we sure she isn’t doing it for the money?

The script is very solid. We can hear the grandmother’s voice raising as she talks about being angry at missing so much. And the grandson not knowing what she’d sound like hits home how hard it can be, how much is missed, by families dealing with the same situation. There are a lot of moments where just the art is showing the story. The grandmother reaching up and touching her son’s bald head for example. There’s alot conveyed in those scenes.

Griffin’s art is getting much better. Each issue shows a major improvement and this one is far ahead of even issue two. It looks like he experimented with different techniques and the results are good. The work is strong. He’s asked to carry alot of emotion and nuances through the expressions and he does it very well.

Healed #3 receives
5 out of 5

This is an excellant series that deserves more notice.

The script is solid. There’s alot of silent

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