The GeeksverseMouse Guard: The Black Axe #2 – Advanced Review

Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #2 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 by

Written & Illustrated by: David Petersen

The second chapter in the Black Axe saga. This is definately a book you should be checking out.

It’s hard to imagine that a story about 3 mice on a boat crossing the sea could be engaging, let alone good. But this most definately is. The story follows Celanawe and Em as they hire/trick a boat into taking them across the sea on the search for the Black Axe. The issue is their voyage.

Petersen does enough to keep it interesting. But he never falls into the “Armageddon” trap. Remember in the movie Armageddon how there was always something going wrong? Something that prevented it from being an easy mission? This was obviously done to build tension, make the movie longer, and hold the audience’s attention. Petersen could have easily done this with the sea voyage.

But he doesn’t. It’s uneventful. But you still want to read. You’re still engrossed in the voyage.

It’s the quality and cadence of Petersen’s writing. There’s a storybook quality to it. It flows easily and you can hear it being narrated in your head. Even the description of the port city is wonderful.

And the city itself? Amazingly detailed. Wonderfully designed. For what could have been a cast away city, only being mentioned in a couple pages of this story, Petersen could have just glossed over the details. But no, he spends time creating a story for the city, a life for it.

And Mouse Pirates. That alone should be enough to make you buy the book.

Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #2 receives
5 out of 5

Mice never looked and sounded so good.

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