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In a World of Hurt Every Wednesday
Published on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 by

World of Hurt is a weekly online comic strip that masters the blaxploitation genre. This online comic captures the feel of Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, Hit Man, and of course Shaft. The tone has the seriousness and the overblown merged together with a cast of characters that seem to have stepped off of a 70s drive-in screen.

Visually, this web comic is continually beautiful. The black and white weekly online comic has a rock solid consistency. The main character has a visual that evokes Fred Wlliams, Richard Roundtree, or the other muscular lead men from the 70s. The women have a touch of Pam Grier mixed with beauty. All of the characters seem to merge the faces that film fans will almost recognize yet keeping them distinct and original.

In addition to the well crafted characters, World of Hurt has a lush background with cars, motorcycles, buildings, couches, pools, and everything that is needed to provide a complete cinematic experience panel by panel.

Clearly everyone involved wants to create a well crafted product from the scripts intertwining a large diverse cast to the faithful recreations panel by panel. Or perhaps it is because this is the singular vision of Jay Potts as writer, artist, and blaxploitation film fan. The paralegal turned web cartoonist claims to also have eaten scorpion and captured a rattlesnake with his bare hands. If he’s walked a million miles of barbed wire with a rattle snake for a neck tie he could be the toughest creator in web-comics.

These samples are just a taste of the world within World of Hurt. Head over to their website, catch up, and then head back here for a discussion on the Pryde Forums.

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